Providing opportunities for kids to play competitive golf close to home 

Tee Times for each event will be posted on the "Tee Times & Pairings" page at least 24 hours prior to the start of each event.  Please plan on arriving 20-30 minutes prior to your assigned Tee Time for registration.  We do NOT accommodate requests for pairings.

We have started to put together our 2019 schedule.  Events that have been booked and confirmed are shown below.  Our 2017 and 2018 schedules are shown below as a reference for events we have played in the past.  We will continue to add events throughout the first part of the year and hope to complete the schedule by May.  We will start accepting online registrations in March for both membership and tournament registrations.  Please contact Steve Oltman at with any questions.


2019 Schedule (Current as of January 12, 2019)

June 17:  Spring Hollow Golf Club, 8:00 start

June 18:  Skippack Golf Club, 8:00 start

July 8:  Brookside Country Club in Pottstown, 8:00 start

July 9:  Turtle Creek Golf Club, Time to be determined

July 15:  Landis Creek Golf Course, 8:00 start

July 22:  Rivercrest Country Club, 7:30 start

July 25:  Kimberton Golf Club, 10:30 start

July 29:  Ravens Claw Golf Club, 7:30 start

July 30:  Phoenixville Country Club, 7:30 start

August 12:  Spring Ford Country Club, 8:00 start

More coming soon................

2018 Schedule


June 18:     Spring Hollow Golf Club, RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

June 19:     Skippack Golf Club, RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

June 25:     Gilbertsville Golf Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

June 28:     Kimberton Golf Club   RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

July 6:        Honeybrook Golf Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

July 9:        Brookside Country Club in Pottstown  RESULTS ARE POSTED

July 16:       Rivercrest Country Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

July 17:       Macoby Run Golf Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

July 31:       Raven's Claw Golf Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

August 1:     Turtle Creek Golf Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

August 2:     Landis Creek Golf Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

August 3:     Fox Hollow Golf Club  CANCELLED

August 6:     Phoenixville Country Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

August 7:     Linfield National Golf Club  RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

August 20:   Spring Ford Country Club   RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED

August 26:   End of Year Family Event at Linfield National Golf Club

Here is our schedule from 2017 for reference:

May 21:  Linfield National Golf Club                   2:00 Start

June 19:  Spring Hollow Golf Club                      8:00 Start

June 20:  Skippack Golf Club                              8:00 Start

June 22:  Gilbertsville Golf Club                         8:00 Start

June 26:  Rivercrest Golf Club                            7:30 Start

June 27:  Raven's Claw Golf Club                        7:30 Start

July 10:  Brookside Country Club Pottstown        8:00 Start

July 11:  Kimberton Golf Club                            10:00 Start

July 17:  Landis Creek Golf Club                         8:00 Start

July 18:  Macoby Run Golf Club                          11:00 Start

July 25:  Turtle Creek Golf Club                          10:00 Start

July 31:  Spring Ford Country Club                       8:00 Start

August 7:  Phoenixville Country Club                    8:00 Start

August 26: Linfield National Golf Club, End of Season Awards

                 Family Fun Event, 3:30 Shotgun Start, Dinner After

2019 Membership Fee remains at $95 for the 10th consecutive year!!  All event fees will also remain at the same level as when the KO tour was formed in 2009!

Continuing in 2018, $20 of each membership registration is allocated for score-keeping duties.  Once a parent or guardian has completed two score-keeping assignments at two different events, $20 will be refunded.

Steve, Robert, Coach Dave, Emily and Jess are all looking forward to an exciting 2017 season!  We truly enjoy seeing the kids progress in their games each year, it is an exciting time in their lives and we feel privileged to be a part of it.

Membership applications will be accepted throughout the season. There is NO final deadline to join the KO Junior Golf Tour. We want to be the most accessible playing opportunity for all junior golfers.

PGA Professionals Robert Kleckner and Steve Oltman are the owners of the KO Junior Golf Tour and started working on the planning of this tour in 2005.  We believe in providing a place for kids to enjoy competitive golf and good golf courses close to home. 

Please contact us at with any questions or for additional information!