Providing opportunities for kids to play competitive golf close to home 

Parent Responsibilites

All parents will be asked to volunteer as a "walk along" scorekeeper in at least two events each season.  Parents will be allowed to serve as scorekeeper for their child's group and will also be allowed to volunteer for more than two events.  If a parent is found to be giving advice or coaching their child, the player will be disqualified from that event as per the USGA rules of golf.  Each member is charged $20 for scorekeeping.  Once a parent/guardian has completed two rounds of scorekeeping at two different events, they will be refunded $20.  If a parent is unable to provide 2 rounds of scorekeeping, they will forfeit the $20 fee.

If allowed by the host golf course, Parents, friends and relatives are welcome to walk along in the rough or on the cart paths as spectators. However, they should remain at least 20 yards away from the golfers (exception made for adults serving as scorekeepers). Spectators are encouraged to "spot" errant golf shots and help look for lost balls. Spectators should position themselves so they do not affect play, and remain out of harms way. Please be aware that giving "advice" and coaching by a spectator are not permitted by the USGA rules of golf.  Also, the KO Tour does not allow any parent or scorekeeper to "help" a player by carrying their clubs for them.  The golfer/competitor will be disqualified if these rules are violated.

Caddies will not be permitted in any of the age divisions. Players are reminded that pull carts are allowed.

If allowed by host golf course, Carts may be rented to spectators with physical impairment after permission from the Tour Director. Carts must remain on cart paths and/or in the rough.

Did Not Show (DNS) and Did Not Finish (DNF): This has been a significant problem in the past with other junior golf tours. In order to eliminate this problem the following will be implemented:
Any DNS/DNF will result in forfeiture of the privilege to play in any championship tournament. Two DNS/DNF for any competitor will result in that golfer being removed from all of the remaining season tournaments with no refund.

Any player is required to give 48 hours notice if they intend to withdraw from any event or their entry fee will be forfeited.