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*In case of any weather concerns the morning of any event, a message will be posted on this website page approximately 90 minutes prior to the first posted tee time.  A message will also be posted on 610-283-3577 at the same time and with any changes throughout the tournament day.

Tee Times for each event will be posted on the "Tee Times & Pairings" page at least 24 hours prior to the start of each event.  Please plan on arriving 20-30 minutes prior to your assigned Tee Time for registration.  We do NOT accommodate requests for pairings.

Gilbertsville Golf Course
Monday, June 25th

18 Hole Division, Boys

AJ Keffer
Kevin Gilroy

Soren Svanson
Gonzalo Rambla

Conrad Benford
Gunnar Wegscheider
Jackie D'Angelo

Parker Stevens
Nick Torrillo
Ben Grimm

Christian Siaton
Jack Hershey
Mac Endy

18 Hole Division, Girls

Riley Thomas
Hayley Ekert
Nicole Yun

9 Hole Division, Boys

Chris Saboe
Kieren Coyne
Nick Parr

Leif Anthony Matlack
Kevin Debusi
Chris Dehann

Jake Blackmore
Andrew Pollard
Danny Mayo
Patrick Dela Rosa

9 Hole Division, Girls

Anika Vilivalam
Amala Vilivalam
Sarah Lawrie

6 Hole Division

Boston Hoffman

If you notice any mistakes with the tee times & pairings, or have any questions at all, please email Steve Oltman at