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KO Junior Golf Tour Registration

2021 Membership Fee $95 = $75 + $20 Refundable Scorekeeper Fee

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Please Print The Form Shown Below for all Mail In Registrations ONLY


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We only accept checks for tour membership and entry fees.  Remember, there is a separate tournament fee for each event. Please include your check for the amount of $95 with this registration form. Please print this form, Make all checks payable to: KO JUNIOR GOLF TOUR and mail to:

KO Junior Golf Tour

P.O. Box 5112

Limerick, PA  19468

For Tour Use Only:   Amount___________Date Paid________________Check #__________________

Membership and
Tournament Fees
Yearly Membership Fee: $95 ($20 Scorekeeper Fee added to each registration and refunded after two score-keeping duties fulfilled for each member)
Individual Tournament Fees Per Division (Entry fees have not changed in 9 years!):
9 Hole 
Masters Division: $15Non-Member: $35 

18 Hole Open Division: $20 Non-Member: $40 

I, for myself and the player hereby release the host facility, the KO Junior Golf Tour, its officers, directors, and employees from any and all liability for any event or consequence whatsoever in any way arising out of or relating to member's participation in a KO Tour event with the sole and singular exception of liability arising out of bad faith or willful misconduct. I understand and support the KO Junior Golf Tour's Code of Conduct.
I also agree to serve as a walk-along scorekeeper in a minimum of one event. I understand that I may be required to keep score for a group other than my child's group.
In case of emergency during a KO Junior Golf Tour event, I authorize qualified medical personnel to take all necessary measures in the treatment of the aforementioned event participant. Parent/Guardian grants the KO Junior Golf Tour permission to utilize member's image, likeness, actions & statements in any live or recorded audio, video, electronic or photographic display or other transmission or reproduction thereof made of or at a tournament/event without further authorization or compensation.
By submitting this registration form with payment, I agree to this statement in full with no reservations.

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